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Career Interrupted

If you’re coming back from a career break, you have been furloughed, laid off, or in a career rut, you know what it’s like to feel anxious and unsure of your next move.


Life is too short to waste in the wrong career or be stuck in a place where you are unmotivated and underappreciated. If you feel like your resume gap is the big elephant in the room, it can be intimidating and overwhelming. What if you could get in the driver’s seat and take control of your career? Isn’t it time you reinvested–in yourself?


Serial technopreneur, career coach, and author Reena Gupta and her co-author, writer and speaker Rebecca Cullen have written a highly topical yet timeless book, Career Interrupted due out this spring. Career Interrupted is not simply another one-size-fits-all advice book, it is the bible you will keep on your desk for years to come because the authors’ interactive methodology resonates on a very personal level.


In the exercises at the end of every chapter, you will take a deep dive so you can assess your values, strengths, and weaknesses and then align your core beliefs and talents with the right career path. At the end of the book, you will have a complete work-life canvas so you have a concrete roadmap to achieve that ever-elusive work-life harmony.


Jobs Now and In the Future

Finding meaningful work, a paycheck and a purpose  create emotional and financial well being. 

It was a pleasure to have Adrianne Nelson, Senior Director, Staffing Industry Analyst, on our webinar held on June 30th, 2020. Her message to job seekers who are currently transitioning into new careers or looking to re-enter the work- force after a break  was simple, yet reassuring; skill, re-skill and re-invent. 

In spite of the gloom and doom around us, we at Mom Relaunch believe that her message has a refreshingly positive ring to it.  

Even as the pandemic rages through the world and leaves behind tragedies of unimaginable proportions, including the loss of jobs and income, it is indeed heartening to learn from Adrianne that there is, surprisingly, hope!  

Looking to Slash Hiring Costs and Bad Hire Sting?

‘Trying Before Hiring’ May Just be the Way to Go!

For any organization, hiring employees or, even engaging a contractor for short/long term projects, is an expensive undertaking – in terms of time and money. However, hiring a wrong candidate is several fold more so! According to Harrispoll, the cost of a bad hire is roughly between $25K to $50K depending on the position and industry – Oouch!

In light of this fact, let us explore factors, that if available, would minimize the risk of hiring. ‘Try before you buy’ is one of the proven sales strategies that minimizes risk of buying. You lament – why is there no such option for hiring an employee?! Now there is! Mom Relaunch has been very successful in building, and promoting, just such an approach! Let me explain!

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