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Get a Glimpse

Realize, Reinvest, Relaunch to Balance your 3 legged stool

There is a lot of powerful career-coaching knowledge packed into this 90-minute interactive workshop developed from the book, Career Interrupted. The authors give a comprehensive overview of their Tri-R methodology to navigate a career crossroads and achieve work-life harmony. Discover the process of journeying inward to find your internal pain points, motivators, strengths and weaknesses before you acquire the techniques to get you over the hump and onto a fulfilling and financially rewarding career path.

Cost: Free
Location: Online (Zoom link will be provided after registration)
Time: 8:00 am . – 9:30 a.m. PST 
Duration: 1.5 hours

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Steering Workshop

Show me how I can reach my full potential

You’re on the road, but you could use a roadmap and some steering to get over the internal and external hurdles you are facing. This is an exclusive, intensive immersion where, as a group, we will delve into how you can reinvest in your core competencies, remain relevant in your field, and thrive. We will then break into groups and practice hands-on exercises to flex your communication and networking skills, and create a SWOT analysis/V2MOM alignment framework. You will emerge with a one page canvas so you can now execute your work-life harmony plan.

Cost: $449
Location: Online (Zoom link will be provided after registration)
Time: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. PST (2 days)
Duration: 8 hours
Seats: 25/Session

Deep Dive Workshop

This is an immersive, interactive workshop of exercises and in-class discussion beginning with a journey inward so you can connect with your deep motivations and values. As a group, we will discuss the techniques that will jumpstart you and help you connect your core competencies with the work that aligns with your values and your priorities at this stage in your life. In breakout groups we will work on exercises to talk about our “stories,” create alignment frameworks, and discover our personal brands. As we build on each concept with concrete techniques, you will discover an exciting path forward by reinvesting in your core competencies. You will emerge with a work-life canvas/blueprint and go forward confidently with the tools to get yourself in the best professional shape of your life.

Cost: $89
Location: Online (Zoom link will be provided after registration)
Time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST
Duration: 20 hours (Fri – Sun, first week of the month)
Seats: 15/Session

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