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Solo Bootstrapped Entrepreneur

Avankia (2002 - Present)

As I was starting a family I decided to start my own business. Avankia was a bootstrapped business helping clients explore best practices and ways to solve organization's unique challenges by leveraging its expertise in CRM and Technology Consulting for SaaS and Web applications. 

TargetRecruit (2008 - 2018)

I launched TargetRecruit, which is an integrated platform solution to help manage all aspects of talent hiring and management. It is built on the platform to bring the flexibility and customizability that helps lower costs, increases productivity, and provides better service to clients.

MomRelaunch (2018 - Present)

Since my first hire in 2003, I recognized the underutilized talent pool of moms trying to reenter the workforce. So in 2018, I founded Mom Relaunch with a mission to make every woman financially independent. Many programs work to match moms with flexible work that meets their needs, but Mom Relaunch stands out with its 4-step process to help moms become ready and relevant and regain the confidence to leap the career gap.


Wisdocity (2021 - Present)

Co-founded with my daughter, Ritika Gupta, Wisdocity provides a platform to learn and become an expert in a topic directly from industry sources. Our mission is to compile wisdom in one easily accessible location. Through Wisdocity, we hope to share everyone's wisdom and knowledge. 


Subject Matter Expert

Top 50 DEI Influencer

I am proud to be chosen as one of Staffing Industry Analysts 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Influencers — US and Canada list, comprising 50 professionals in the workforce solutions ecosystem who have been making great strides in varied ways to move the diversity mission forward.

Author of Career Interrupted

Packed with wisdom and insight from interviews with 43 experts including entrepreneurs, talent and staffing industry executives, psychologists, and career coaches, Career Interrupted stands out as a highly-personalized self-help book that teaches you how to navigate even the most challenging of career crossroads. 


AppExchange Advisory Board - Salesforce
Consulting Partner Advisory Board - Salesforce
Economic Vitality Committee Advisor - City of Pleasanton
Advisory Board - 3 Valleys Community Foundation

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TiE - YoungEntrepreneurs

SheEO - Women Entrepreneurs


Masters in Computer Application: L.N Mishra Institute, Patna, Bihar (1993-1996) 

I’d love to say that I was a genius right out of the gate, but I was a very average student. I was attracted to studying computer science because the idea of working in an air-conditioned office seemed very appealing!



I am very fortunate in that I was raised in a family where I felt valued. I grew up in the small town of Danapur, in the state of Bihar in a blended household of 21 cousins, which included my immediate family, my uncles, and all of their children. We were nine girls and twelve boys ranging from toddlers to a twenty-two-year-old. One of us would be teaching the other how to knit, while another taught math or helped her cousin understand how to plan a science project for a school assignment.


In this communal household there was very little emphasis on “me” and “mine.” There was definitely much more of a spirit of “we” and “us” in terms of wants, needs, and desires. What is good for the group, the family--you thought about this first and foremost. I am so grateful for the support I had and the values I took from those early days that made me want to always strive to help everyone around me and create a community where people take care of each other.



Through all the craziness, bootstrapping my own businesses I always worked remotely so I could spend as much time as possible with my family. My husband Rajeev has been an incredible rock in my life, always there supporting my career even when traditionally, in India, ambition was not necessarily encouraged or expected from women. 

We began an adventure starting a family together in 2001, not knowing we were somehow passing on that entrepreneurial gene to the next generation! I am so proud of my incredible kids, who amaze me every day with their own ventures that they have gotten so passionately involved in. We have made a point to take time out to enjoy the small moments together, and we spend every New Year’s Eve in a different country. 

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