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From Small Town Girl  to Social Technopreneur

Join Us for a Career Interrupted Book Launch 


Reena Gupta is a mom, a solo bootstrapped entrepreneur, an author, a work-life harmony coach, and an advocate of teaching entrepreneurship. She is an integral part of her community and serves in the city economic vitality committee and school superintendent advisory board. 


Growing up in a joint family in India with two dozen relatives, Reena always knew she was not alone and that a rising tide, indeed, lifts all boats. Having no business background, experience, or connections, Reena wrote her own script by emigrating to Nashville, TN where she created her two companies, Avankia and Target Recruit. Hiring a stay-at-home mom as her first employee left a big impression on Reena, and she knew that someday she would do more to help women and the underutilized talent pool. After a successful exit from TargetRecruit, one of her portfolio companies, Reena founded Mom Relaunch, to nurture and mentor women reentering the workforce. Using her experience, Reena wrote her new book, Career Interrupted, which teaches about balancing life’s 3-legged-stool; career, wellness, and family & friends.


Reena is a lifetime learner. She is an optimist. She is inspired by her kids every day. She is intrigued by traveling to new places, exploring new cultures, meeting people, exercising her mind through laughter yoga, and meditating.

Career Interrupted

Packed with wisdom and insight from interviews with 43 experts including entrepreneurs, talent industry executives, psychologists, and career coaches, Career Interrupted stands out as a highly-personalized self-help book that teaches you how to navigate even the most challenging of career crossroads.

In this refreshing guide on what it takes to find fulfillment and balance in your professional and personal life, serial technopreneur and work-life advisor, Reena Gupta, is your personal champion giving you the mindset, tools, and strategies helping you to:

  • Identify and change the patterns that are holding you back

  • Get clarity on your priorities and zero in on your secret sauce

  • Create your own happiness scale

  • Find your professional ecosystem

  • Flex your social connection muscles

  • Reinforce your support network

  • Prioritize your body, mind, and soul wellness

  • Explore three different career paths

  • Choose your path to create a life you totally love

By the end of Career Interrupted, rather than playing a passive part in your career, you will be in the driver’s seat making work-life harmony a reality.

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